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Liverpool - Free Improv in the park every weekend July 2022

Free improvised music in the Park


The schedule is that there will be a session of free improvisation in music every weekend during the month of July 2022.
The sessions will happen on either the Saturday or the Sunday.
The Saturday is the default day of the week on which this event happens. however this is subject to change due to the diary conflicts with other events.
The details are confirmed on the Friday before the event.
This translates as the following, and at the following times.

  • 02.07.2022 at 14.00 BST - Session confirmed
  • 09.07.2022 at 14.00 BST -
  • 16.07.2022 at 14.00 BST - Session confirm
    • Concert addition: Graculus will play at 3.00 pm
  • 23.07.2022 at 14.00 BST - Session cancelled, there is a concert only session on Sunday 24th at 3.00 pm
    Concert addition: Nick Branton & Phil Morton Sunday 24th at 3.00 pm cancelled due to the rain

  • 30.07.2022 concert only at 15.00 BST delivered by the duo Nick Branton & Phil Morton

Host : Phil Morton

Duration 40 minutes

You can attend as

  1. A participating player / improviser
    1. All levels of ability and experience welcome
  2. As a member of an audience
  3. A passer by who takes no notice.

This is currently, a free to attend event. Later in the year a fee of £3 per month will be requested..


Location Princes Park Liverpool L8 3TA (a close post code)

The performance space: is not being described or given here, but the meeting point is

The meeting point: The obelisk, inside Princess Park,  as accessed via the `Sunburst Gates` located at the entranced hereby described as: The roundabout, at one end of Princes Avenue.

Meet up time 14.00 - 14.10 BST

Top Tips,  arrive early at the meeting point early and you may need something to sit on: no chairs provided at the performance site..

Bus routes that stop at princes Park gates: 26,27, 75, 80. The 204 stops near princes park gates

Music content

The current plan is that the session will be delivered using one or more of the following formats.

  1. Metered free improvisation - that is a piece of free improvisation in music with a time limit for when the piece ends.
  2. System 50:50 for improvisers.
  3. Un-metered free improvisation. that is a piece of free improvisation in music with a no preset time limit.

All levels of experience is music, free improvisation are welcome.

Concert element

Improv in the park may feature an additional element of a concert by local improvisers.

Concert bookings, names and event start time can be view in the introduction tab of this web article.

Weather warning

This is an outdoor event.
it maybe subject to cancellation due to the weather.
How this is notified is being researched, however there is a back-up, plan B

Alternative  venue if the weather is poor?

Yes! There is a local space, with piano, as back up. It is Phil Morton kitchen!


Contact : Phil Morton email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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