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Frakture Presents Butcher/Lash/Russell + Inclusion Principle 03.06.2010

Thursday 03 June 2010 8pm £5 / £3
The Bluecoat
School lane
Liverpool L1 3BX
Box office 0151 702 5324

JOHN BUTCHER (saxophones)
DOMINIC LASH (double bass)
JOHN RUSSELL (acoustic guitar)

Butcher/Lash/Russell combine intense investigations of their instruments' possibilities with bold but delicately poised interplay. All three players push the possibilities of acoustic instruments to their limits, sometimes resulting in sounds of an almost electronic quality, but always retaining an acoustic warmth. Their music is nimble and surprising; with three hands on the tiller changes of direction can happen at any moment: the atmosphere can suddenly change from the hushed and still to the dense and charged, or indeed vice versa.


nMARTIN ARCHER; Sopranino, alto and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, bass recorder, violectronics, keyboards, software instruments
HERVÉ PEREZ (as sndsukinspook) field recordings, sound design, electronics and live processing. soprano saxophone, objects, natural elements...Inclusion Principle's inspiration is deep listening and a fascination for the science of the natural world. Sometimes, sitting in silence for hours in the crest of birdsongs or in wafts of windy harmony is more profitable than practicing scales.pic bar 850

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