Blank Canvas featuring Mick beck Trio & Wolf Scarrers 18.09.2011

Mick Beck Trio
Pat Thomas, keyboard
Phil Marks, drumset
Mick Beck, Reeds


Three top musicians, one top trio, here are some quotes

- Jazzwise

"Beck's abstract resources extend to all manner of whistles and squeals, but his tenor sax playing is a resourceful development of Evan Parker's"
- The Guardian

"Ace tenor saxophonist Mick Beck incorporates an amplified bassoon (in a way) that defies even the most oddball stereotypes"
- All About Jazz

"Able to double- and triple-tongue on a double reed, he creates dissonant textures you wouldn't associate with the usual orchestral instrument" -
Cadence Jazz Records

"Not surprisingly, it seems, the bonding factor is Mick Beck’s matchless skill with saxophone, bassoon and most anything else he can put in his mouth".
Ken Waxman, Jazz Word

"Pat Thomas is regarded as one of the most influential pianists in European jazz and improvisation. His cv is compelling – stints with the legendary Tony Oxley and recent work with Eugene Chadbourne and ex Mothers of Invention percussionist, Jimmy Carl Black, confirm Pat’s status as a master improviser". - The Spin

"Marks’ playing is extraordinary. He’s characteristically fidgety, in a constant state of agitated motion, yet somehow always hits the apposite mark."
- Tim Owen, Jazz Mann


Wolf Scarers
Simon Prince tenor sax & flute
Keith Jafrate alto & tenor sax

: Wolf Scarers are Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate, both playing tenor saxophones, but they also do a bit of wolf pacifying with flute and alto sax. They’ve known each other for years but have never played together until, after appearing on the same bill at Huddersfield’s Inclusive Improv in 2010, it occured to Simon to suggest some duets. So they got together at Oldham Music Centre and disturbed the pigeons in the neighbourhood for a few Fridays, and Wolf Scarers emerged. Both Simon and Keith have played all sorts of music in the past, and you can hear this in their improvisations, that swerve from gentle meditations, that almost become chamber music, across to full-blown shout-ups in the true tenor tradition, via, possibly, messed-up marching band funk and deconstructed jazz strut

September 18th 8.00pm £3.00
Ship & Mitre
133 Dale Street
Liverpool L3 2JH

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