London : What Does Improvising Mean for You?

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What Does Improvising Mean for You? In-Person Conference


Middlesex University, Hendon Campus
June 22, 2023
Proposal Deadline: May 31

Arts and Creative Industries (ACI) is inviting colleagues and postgraduate researchers, from across all faculties of Middlesex University and beyond, to gather for an interactive, fully participatory event, responding to the question: What does improvising mean for you?

The faculty of Arts and Creative Industries (ACI) have been considering the improvisatory (encountered through their performance, artmaking, and practice-led research) for many years, not least through the faculty’s Transdisciplinary Improvisation Network (TIN) research cluster and former events such as New Pathways in Improvisation and collaboration with the Global Improvisation Initiative (GII). And yet, they recognize that improvisation is applied in many other professional, pedagogical, and personal settings in transformative and innovating ways.

The aim of this event is to set up an exchange where we can begin to understand what value improvisation has across all creative, professional, and daily practices. ACI is interested in considering how improvising is explored, described, and applied; how its pasts and futures might re-define social and political encounters:

  • What does improvising mean to you, in your life, thinking and practice, pedagogically, and philosophically?
  • What are the risks involved with improvising?
  • How do we rebalance the "learned" and the habitual with a sense of "unlearning" or "relearning"? What role does "knowing" and "not knowing" play when improvising?
  • What is the value of improvising as/for social change?

The event follows a "long table" format which facilitates multiple types of engagement, and in which everybody becomes a contributor to the event, such that multiple voices can be heard in playfully structured ways.

ACI invites you to propose creative provocations in the form of short talks, performances, video/audio works, and facilitated/interactive improvisation practices (i.e., guided scores, tasks, and the like)—these contributions will act as counterpoints throughout the day.

Your proposal

When making proposals to share your work, note that while there will be opportunity for you to screen image/video, ACI is prioritizing dialogue, practice, and action over PowerPoint, as well as shorter, rather than longer talks.

You are invited to participate by sending a short (100-word) expression of interest/proposal by May 31st to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Expressions of interest should include:

Name of presenter(s) and subject area
Brief description (100 words)
Indication of the duration and nature of your contribution (i.e. 10 minute talk with images, 20 minute interactive/guided improvisation) and any technical requirements.


All presenters and participants, save the date and register via Eventbrite.

Long Table Format

*For more information on how the long table format can work see:


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