Sonic Gaze: Dec 25th Derek Bailey memorial session

Sonic Gaze special event : Derek Bailey memorial session in the presence of the ringing of Great George,


Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 6 Cathedral Close
Liverpool Cathedral
L1 7BR

Arrive 10.00 am
Great George will be rung between 10.15 & 10.30
Meet, by The Oratory building, opposite the security office located at the main entrance of the Cathedral
Session is facilitated by Phil Morton

This is a Sonic gaze session, see methology and description below, with the added elements of commenorating the life and work of Derek Bailey, and a `nice thing to do on Xmas day in the morning
Note: do not be alarmed by the video, we will not be the `bell chamber` when Great george is rung! we will be outside on the street.

P Morton

Derek Bailey (29 January 1930 – 25 December 2005) was an English avant-garde guitarist and leading figure in the free improvisation movement. wikipedia link

image of Derek Bailey


Great George is usually rung three times a year and on special occaisions:

Great George, A 14 tonne Bourdon bell located in the tower of the Anglican Cathedral is rung 3 times per year and on special occasions. On Christmas day it is rung at the end of the ringing of the regular bells usually around 10.30am. It is recommended to be there at 10.15 :Check before travelling.
Free Event

The Cathedral Church of Christ, Liverpool, contains the heaviest and highest ringing peal of bells in the world. They were cast by The Whitechapel Bell Foundry in the 1930's. The tenor weighs 82-0-11 ( just over 4 tons, or 4100kgs.) and is in the note of A flat. They are hung in a radial reinforced concrete frame, the only one of its kind. The ring includes a sharp 2nd. In the centre of the ring is the bourbon bell, Great George. This was cast by John Taylor and Son's Ltd, weighs 295 cwt., and is the second heaviest bell in Great Britain. It is rung by a counter weighted clapper and is sounded on special occasions.

Great George, cast for Liverpool Cathedral. Named after King George V and, at 14.5 tons, the second largest bell in Britain after St Pauls Cathedrals Great Paul. Cast by Taylors. Inscription says 1937 but actually cast on 23 July 1940; all other bells in the cathedral were cast in Whitechapel.


‘soundwalk’ is a practice: it is walking without talking, focusing on the sound around, focusing on the present moment. In a `Sonic Gaze` session, the participants are static, though the sounds could be mobile. Talking might come later.

Sonic Gaze will be of interest to;

  1. Musicians (as it involves listening to a sequence of sounds)
  2. To recording artists (as one needs to appreciate the relationship between background and foreground sound, for example)
  3. For electronic musicians (as it relates to the way timbres interact)
  4. To planners and architects (as the sound is part of the atmosphere of a place and affects social responses).
  5. Sound artist - (as an act of attentive listening as part of a preparatory methodology)
  6. Everyone and anyone, (as an act of `ear cleaning`, a space of time to slow down and focus on the reality of sound in the present, to reset, refresh and re-engage) 

The Listening Room: Sonic Gaze is facilitated by Phil Morton & Robin Hartwell
Phil Morton mob 07999518582

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